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Linda Lenz


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“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
- Anais Nin

One-of-a-kind, original mosaic art pieces. Art glass, dichroic glass, fossils, copper, brass, silver and found objects.


Upon Reflection

“BELLO ! ...Un opera che "racconta" una storia...un'opera che "vive"...che insegue un sogno, un ricordo. Questi sono i mosaici che amo....! Oltre la tecnica.... IL CUORE, L'ANIMA.....Oltre il tecnicismo a volte fine a se stesso, la POESIA.... Nulla è stato inserito a caso..... tutto di questo mosaico in questo mosaic racconta qualcosa....”
Comments by Menossi Giulio, Master Mosaic Artist - Udine, Italy - on the work of Linda Lenz

Translation: BEAUTIFUL! ... A work that "tells" a story ... a work that "lives" ... chasing a dream, a memory. These are the mosaics that I love ....! Beyond the technical .... THE HEART, SOUL ..... Beyond the technicalities sometimes end in itself, poetry .... Nothing has been inserted at random ..... All of this mosaic - mosaic that tells a story ....

*Commissions and custom pieces also available.